Gospel Subgenres

Gospel Music SubgenresGospel music can be categorized into different subgenres. According to these genres, listeners can purchase gospel CDs that contain music from a preferred performer in one of the genres.

Urban contemporary gospel is often referred to as “Black gospel.” The most popular artists in this subgenre are Mary Mary, Israel Houghton, and Donnie McClurking. You can also find gospel CDs that contain an array of artists such as the Wow Gospel series.

Christian country music, also known as country gospel music, has country flair to it. The most popular CDs are those of artists such as Larry Gatlin, Barbara Mandrell and Charlie Daniels.

Southern gospel or “quarter music” addresses how God answers everyday problems in life. This type of gospel music gained its name from the original tenor-lead-baritone-bass quartets that were made up of all male singers. Some very common singing groups are 2nd Generation Ministries, Amazed, Beyond the Ashes and Brothers Forever. You can purchase gospel CDs from these performers and enjoy their talent and the messages of God from your own personal home.

Progressive southern gospel has grown out of southern gospel over the past decades. It contains a blend of traditional southern gospel, bluegrass, modern country and contemporary Christian music. Some popular artists from this subgenre are the Talley Trio, Jody Brown Indian Family and the Hoppers.

Last but not least, bluegrass gospel is a subgenre enjoyed by some Christian listeners. Bluegrass gospel originated from American folk music found in the mountains. It contains elaborate refrains and strong rhythms. Popular bluegrass southern gospel CDs are Heaven Bound: The Best of Bluegrass Gospel, True Bluegrass Gospel and Angels Are Singing: Women’s Bluegrass Gospel.

All these different artists can make appearances in our homes through their CDs. We can enjoy the sound and content of their music from the privacy of our cars, offices, living rooms or any other place where we find relaxation.

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